In Vivo PK/PD

The relationships between the time course of drug or compound concentration (Pharmacokinetics, PK) and the onset, intensity and duration of pharmacological effect (Pharmacodynamics, PD) form the basis for evaluation of the drug’s efficacy and potency (referred to as Quantitative Pharmacology) in preclinical animal models of disease and in human patients. Determining PK/PD relationships for compounds early on in discovery programs help in a) progression of the optimum compound for advanced testing; b) prediction of efficacy and potency based on in vitro and PK data; c) prediction of efficacy in humans by extrapolation of preclinical PK/PD models; and most importantly in setting dose, regimen and duration in pre-clinical pharmacology studies and in humans.

Establishment of Relationships between Pharmacokinetics (PK) and Pharmacodynamics (PD)

  • Time Course Of Dose-concentration- Response Studies To Enable PK/PD Modelling
  • Dose Fractionation Studies To Identify PK/PD Index Of Efficacy In Mouse And Rat Models Of Infection
    • Thigh Infection
    • Lung Infection
    • Septicemia
    • UTI, cUTI
    • IAI