In Vivo Pharmacokinetics

Behaviour of an NCE in a living body is a complex phenomenon dictated by a host of individual and interrelated systems. Our team delivers unmatched quality of assays and reports in this critical stage of drug development.

  • Species: Mouse, Rat and Rabbit
  • Routes: Oral and Parenteral
  • Single Dose PK: Basic PK Characterization
  • Repeated Dose PK: Steady State, Accumulation
  • Dose Escalation PK
  • Dose Linearity: Single And Repeat Dose
  • Tissue Distrubution
  • Bioavailability (BA) and Bioequivalence (BE)
  • PK Analysis (Winnonlin)
  • PK Parameters, Modeling and Simulation of PK
  • Prediction of PK in Human: Allometry, FTIM Dose