Medicinal chemistry :

High-quality medicinal chemistry services that help in progressing drug discovery projects from hit identification through lead generation and optimization towards drug candidates. Our medicinal chemists have extensive experience in developing drug candidates against a broad range of target disease indications, including infection, oncology and metabolic disorders.

Synthetic chemistry and Analytical chemistry :

Our expertise spans from synthesis of focussed libraries ranging between 10-100 members, and can be as broad and large as 500 compounds per library. Our services would cater to the needs of customers for their building block requirements. We would prefer to be in the cutting edge technology for the use of flow chemistry and microwave chemistry optimisation

Provide service to our clients in structural elucidation, HPLC method development, initial salt screening for the optimised candidate in the program.

Integrated Project management

Our services can be integrated with computational chemistry and medicinal chemistry, ADMET/PK/PD animal efficacy and Toxicology studies to provide a comprehensive drug discovery solution